My Content List

What follows is a list of content where I am either featured or I simply had a small part to play. I hope that you find something that helps you in your journey.

PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2023

  • Taking Automation to Task by Steven Judd. The Windows Task Scheduler is used to automate tasks. Some of these jobs are simple and short-running and some are not. Your tasks may be unreliable if you use the default settings for a task. With a bit of work and a bit of PowerShell, the Task Scheduler can be used as an enterprise-grade solution, complete with task status, runtime duration, and even a heatmap to show when your tasks are overlapping and where you may be running into a resource capacity issue. Join me as we delve into the details of the Task Manager and use PowerShell to manage, monitor, and map this automation engine.

  • Don’t Destroy Your Datacenter with Azure DevOps. Using Azure DevOps with your data center in the cloud is amazingly useful and powerful. This power can be good and bad. The key is to know where to put in the guardrails and/or the gatekeepers to keep you or someone else from destroying your infrastructure or your applications and potentially destroying your business. Hyperbole? Watch and find out for yourself.


  • PowerShell Progression: From One-Liners to Advanced Functions with Steven Judd. This is a presentation I gave to the Research Triangle PowerShell User Group (RTPSUG) about an example of the progression from a console command to a script, to a function, and finally an advanced function. I share some best practices to help you advance your PowerShell skills. This presentation is suitable for beginners and intermediate users.

  • April Fools Day: PowerShell Tips, Tricks and Dad Jokes with Steven Judd. This is a “lightning round” style presentation I gave to the RTPSUG where I give a number of what may seem like silly examples of what you can do with PowerShell. However, there are some solid tips and tricks amongst the foolishness. Also, in-between each demo is a custom, written by me, completely unique Dad Joke. So if you want to learn some PowerShell and hopefully either laugh or groan 10+ times, this is the presentation for you.

  • The Right Write Writes Right, Right?. This is a presentation I gave to the RTPSUG where I discuss the various Write-* cmdlets and how and when to use them. This talk is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users, because we all should be using these cmdlets properly and in a consistent manner. You might just be surprised by what you learn in this presentation.

    UPDATE: I reprised this talk to the Gainesville PowerShell User Group on YouTube here. The reason I’m linking this same presentation is because I updated the Write-Debug section because I had a use case for this cmdlet that I hadn’t had in the previous presentation. Also, there is more interaction in the RTPSUG video, so if you want the chit chat version use the first link. If you want the updated content, use the second link.


The PowerShell Podcast

  • PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit - Steven Judd, PoshWolf (Anthony Howell), Phill Bossman, Dan Hill, and Geoff Schram. It is the last of the bar sessions from the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit. We talk about everyone’s experiences at Summit 2023. Catch our final interviews from Summit. (I’m the first guest.)

  • RTFM with Steven Judd. In this episode, we have our first returning guest, Steven Judd! Steven gets things started off right by talking about the process of turning a command into a function and how PowerShell provides value each step of the way. Steven convinces Jordan that RegEx is powerful and shares some tips for using it more. We learn about living off the land, how solving a problem can help you understand the technology that you are creating a solution for, and the three most important PowerShell commands. All this, and more, in this wisdom-infused episode.

  • PowerShell and Global DevOps Summit 2022 - The Bar Sessions. This episode features several conversations we captured while at the Global Summit. Ryan Richter talked to us about his experiences attending the OnRamp. Steven Judd talked about helping to run the remote summit, dad jokes, and music. Lastly, we talk with Harjit and Mick from the PowerShell news podcast, where we talk about how our podcasts came about and things we have learned and improved on since we started. (I’m the first guest, again.)

The PowerShell News Podcast


Written on July 24, 2023